quick tips about RBT course

10 Quick Tips About RBT Course: Getting RBT Certification Is Easy Now!

Joining the RBT course can be really fruitful for the candidates who want to kickstart their career with working with people who have particular requirements. The BACB approves this course and there is no need to visit a college and getting a degree for having this certification. Getting RBT certification is much easier these days. You just have to appear a 40-hour coaching and if you pass the live analysis, you can apply to the BACB and complete the 75-question exam. If BACB grants your application, it will open a big door for your career. Here in this post, we will offer you 10 quick tips about RBT course. Let’s read them one by one.


  1. For joining the RBT course, you must be 18 years old to start the application or training procedure. Minors are not allowed to get this certification. You must have a high school graduate degree or an equivalent diploma. Although college degrees are not required for this certification, you should have a copy of your diploma certification. Prior to applying for the certification, you must pass the criminal background check which will be performed by the board within 180 days of your application. If you don’t pass this check, your application may be rejected as you will be disqualified.
  2. You need to register your name for a 40-hour online training course. This course will help you in your live analysis so you can pass it and also will help you pass the RBT exam. This course must be completed within 180 days of beginning. To pass these exams, you need to study the BACB task list which you will go through during your training session. This list will teach you the steps and practices you need to know for working with clients. Additionally, you need to join a 3-hour ethics course which is a part of this 40-hour course. It will guide you through the BACB’s Professional and Ethical Compliance Code.
  3. For the live assessment, you need to find a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who will instruct you, assess you and oversee your analysis. And this person can also offer you a certificate after your application’s completion. After completing your course, you need to complete this assessment. The assessor will provide you some tasks which you will need to perform with a live patient. And it will analyze your performance while working with that patient. At the end of this assessment, you will get your assessment form’s copy which must be kept safely as it will be required during your application submission. In fact, during this live task assessment, you can see what qualities they are analyzing you for.
  4. Now it’s time to apply for the RBT certification! For that, you need to create an account through the online portal of the BACB. To create an account, it is imperative to give your email ID and make a password. In addition to this, you are required to scan and upload your certificate and the results of your live assessment. To prove your eligibility for this certification, you require three documents – your high school diploma or equivalent degree, your completed assessment form, and your course completion’s certificate.
  5. You must have a liable certificant who will be generally the person who will do the assessment or your instructor. On your application, enter the name and information of your instructor. Your liable certificant may change when you develop in your career. And this liable certificant is a BCBA who supervises your tasks.
  6. You need to pay a nominal amount as application fees. This can be paid through the online portal using a debit or credit card. In case your application gets a rejection, you can appeal again within 30 days. Usually, it takes two weeks for getting a response. To pursue RBT again, fill up the online form and give all necessary details about you.
  7. Once you get the approval from BACB, sign up for the examination. BACB will send you an email with complete instructions on how you can register your name for the examination. BACB will revert back within two weeks of your first application. You can find the flashcards or mock tests from online training programs when there is no availability of official practical test. Again this exam is chargeable and this fee will cover the entire cost of your examination.
  8. To appear for this exam, you need to bring two forms of ID with you. Show them up 15 minutes early so you can check them timely. On these IDs, you first and last names should precisely match the name shown on your BACB account. The first ID should be a government-issued photo ID alongside your sign like a state ID or a driving license. The second ID doesn’t need a photograph but it should contain your name and signature. You are suggested to use a signed debit or credit card.
  9. For this 75-question exam, you will get 90 minutes. These questions are all about the aspects of the RBT task list and the ethics and compliance codes. The online training you will get will cover all these areas. In case you fail in this exam for the first time, retake it within a year. If you fail, you don’t require reapplying via BACB amid this time. Your application will have expired after this time. Then you should redo your coaching and start your new application once again.
  10. Within a week of your exam results, you will get the approval and your name will be added to the online registry as well. However, you won’t get any certificate; rather the inclusion of your name in the registry is the proof of your certification. Once a year, renew your certification. You should undergo this competency assessment every year.


So, these are 10 quick tips about RBT course that you must consider. If you want to jumpstart your career as a registered behavior technician, contact the Consultants of Children. We are hiring!