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Understand the Difference between ABA and BCBA If Seeking BCBA Jobs for Autism Treatment

If you want to pursue your career as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and looking for BCBA jobs for autism treatment, you must understand the difference between a BCBA and an ABA. Not just the degree but there is beyond this for which you will need to explore these two special psychology experts’ roles so you can differentiate them properly.

Explaining ABA and BCBA

Numerous psychology experts with the proper background can work as an ABA as it’s a therapeutic approach. Experts who work with people with autism issue sometimes use this approach for reinforcing interactive skills and social behaviors. Nevertheless, ABA is not considered as an autism-scientific approach. So, those who are not board certified are basically known as Applied Behavior Analysts. Their name doesn’t imply that they lack credentials but it explains matters in their search for employment.

Sometimes, when an agency, an institution or a healthcare center advertises openings for jobs for autism treatment, they actually want a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). This post needs a person to have a master’s degree in the specific field of behavior analysis and certification that is offered by the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board). In fact, they also offer an assistant level certification for candidates who have finished their undergraduate work in the area but haven’t yet attained their graduate or a doctoral degree.

Applied Behavior Analysis and its background

ABA has 2 prime branches – applied and experimental. The former applies theoretical systems and approaches crafted by their coworkers and gives feedback regarding efficiency in the field. The latter gives theoretical systems depending on controlled experimentation and focused observation. Both ABAs and BCBAs can directly work with people in a therapeutic setting, offering structure and guidance for people with autism disorder and other behavioral and emotional challenges.

The prime difference is that an ABA technician works under the supervision of an expert, generally, a BCBA who crafts the entire programs for clients, students, and employees. They may work in different therapeutic settings and help several kinds of patients. Both ABAs and BCBAs work with several types of individuals. While specific concentration is provided to their attempt at people who have autism issue, these experts are sometimes required for helping in every background which needs changing a behavior hierarchy or skill acquisition through therapeutic intervention. They possibly work with teens, kids or adults who are facing behavioral issues.

Career path and designations

You must remember that not everyone who uses the tenets of ABA is needed to be certified as a BCBA. If you are board certified to deal with patients who are suffering from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you can conduct several social works with victims of natural disasters, emotional disorders, substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, etc.

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