How to Deal With Autism Temper Tantrums

Exploring How to Deal With Autism Temper Tantrums In Brief

There are ample challenges for the parents with autistic children and tantrums are one of them. Whether you are out in public or in the sanctity of house, your kid’s tantrum appears to broadcast your insecurities and anxiety as a parent. And this sense of helplessness combined with embarrassment and anger will not be a good combo for you.

So, how to deal with autism temper tantrums of your kid? There are some possible ways to deal with this behavioral issue of your kid. Let’s check them out:

Planned ignoring

This process may be utilized particularly if the kid thrives on attention. The fundamental of success is ensuring everybody stays stable. Don’t reward the kid in tantrum but neglect the outburst; shower praise if he/she behaves properly, keep yourself busy so the kid knows his/her method is not functioning, and ultimately, offer positive backup. The single time you must interfere amid a tantrum is when the kid will hurt either himself/herself or others.

Counting process

The guardian or parent may take control calmly while experiencing a kid in the agony of a tantrum by neither positive nor negative reinforcement. Count numerous loudly while the kid is showing tantrums and by the time you reach 10, hopefully, the tantrum is overlong sufficiently for asking what the kid wants. It helps the kid learn how to ask for something properly.

Drop your attitude and voice

By physically comforting you should gain control again and take responsibility for the situation calmly. This will enable your kid a buffer from the sensory overload.

Hit the pause button on yourself

Stop right away if you are yelling. Stop also if you are pacing. Situations often will escalate as your autistic kid is feeding off your energy.

Rolling with the punches

If your kid is confused and you are often frustrated, the best thing to do is go to the individual corners and take some breaths. This doesn’t mean that you will give up on your kid or let him/her win. Empowering the kid offers them a sense of control in the universe where they are overpowered. When the household is peaceful and calm, the earlier problems can be visited again with less resistance.


In case tantrums appear to be a continuous incident, attempt to step back and look at the condition with target eyes. It will be difficult if you experience a total meltdown and possibly on the edge of your own. Autistic kids are literal. Providing into their tantrum wishes just reinforces that they will get everything they wish with wrong behavior. Maximum time it’s easy to give in, but ponder the long-term regrets of taking a simple way out. Instant satisfaction immediately helps them learn to misbehave, and it’s quite trickier for an autistic kid to unlearn.

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