Discussing the History of Autism and RBT

Discussing the History of Autism and RBT

There are numerous physical and mental health conditions which pose a serious threat to numerous individuals. One such syndrome is autism, which is found in toddlers and children. Though this is present in the kids since birth, it is not realized till a long time. If you are aware of the symptoms that reveal the presence of the ailment and know the appropriate measures that can curb those effectively, you are on the right track to get a firm grip over the same. Have you ever wondered the origin of this ailment? How did the mental condition, which doesn’t impose any fatal threat but is capable to disrupt the normal development of a child, evolved? Through this article, we will discuss the history of autism and RBT.

Origin of Autism

The doctors and researchers have traveled a long distance in the endeavor to cure the diversified kinds of ailments. However, autism has imposed a serious challenge on them as this is case specific. You will not be able to match the characteristic attribute of your child with the others diagnosed with the similar syndrome. This has led the researchers to scrutinize every case in order to conclude the diversified patterns of behavior of the autistic children. You may believe this syndrome to be a new inclusion in the medical science but the origin can be traced back to 1908. Due to the widespread abundance of this syndrome, you have become aware of the name. However, the researchers have been progressing in this niche since its origin. Let us have a look at the periodical progress in the path of curing autism:

  • In 1908, the term, autism, was used for the schizophrenic patients who never preferred to socialize and remained self-absorbed.
  • In 1943, Leo Kanner, M.D., a child psychiatrist from America, conducted a study among 11 children. He concluded that the kids were extraordinarily talented but lacked the keen interest to socialize. He also published that they were obsessive about a few items and had the knack of repetitive behavior. He progressed in understanding the ailment to a great extent and named it as the early infantile autism.
  • Hans Asperser, a German scientist, studied a few cases in 1944 that had the minor presence of the syndrome. Presently, this is known as Asperser’s syndrome. He conducted the study among the boys who were intelligent but lacked the interest in social interaction and had an obsessive behavioral pattern.
  • Bruno Bettelheim, a psychologist came up with the theory of refrigerator mothers in 1967. He described that the mothers who failed to give the proper affection and love to their children encountered with the syndrome. Eventually, this was proved wrong.
  • End of World War II marked the initiation of the research works for autism, which paved the path for the cure.
  • In 1977, a study was conducted on twins, which proved that autism is prominently dominated by the biological and genetic influence during the phase of brain development.
  • 1980 was a crucial year for autism, when the infantile autism was segregated from the childhood schizophrenia and was also listed in the DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  • In 1987, the infantile autism was elaborated and autism disorder was also explained. In fact, a paper was published that proved that the proper therapy on the behavior of the diagnosed children can curb the symptoms effectively.
  • A movie, Rain Man was released in 1988, which depicted an exceptionally talented man in the lead role, who had the capability to execute complicated calculations mentally and had a photographic memory. This gave a ray of hope to the patients in spite of the fact that this symptom is not relevant in every case.
  • In 1994, Asperser’s syndrome was also added to DSM. This helped the proper segregation of the cases, leading to a fruitful implementation of relevant therapy.
  • In 1998, a study suggested that the vaccine that is given to prevent MMR or Measles-Mumps-Rubella causes autism. However, this was proven wrong.
  • In 2009, the CDC or Centers for Disease Control & Prevention revealed that 1 of 110 children suffer from the syndrome.
  • 4 years later, DSM revealed the sub-categories of the syndrome under the principal disease in the name of ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was further segregated into two categories; impaired social interaction and repetitive behavior.

History of RBT or Registered Behavior Technician

It is evident from the aforementioned points that the concept and treatment pattern of the ailment have evolved since its advent. In fact, the history of the RBT or Registered Behavior Technicians has also changed with the passing time. They primarily focus on the applied, behavioral, and analytic characteristic of diagnosed children through the general, technological, and conceptual pattern of treatment. These technicians target to implement the most successful methods of treating the special children. They accomplish their works in the clinical settings by guiding the clients with the instructions regarding the behavior protocol. They also offer unparalleled guidance to the applied behavior analyst in collecting data to proceed in the most relevant form of treatment. In order to deplete the influence of the disrupted behavior, they also guide in the niche of communication, social interaction, and general living skills.

Receiving a Comprehensive Assistance from the Most Reliable Organization

Since autism has spread its existence immensely, the institutes to treat the same have also increased to a great extent. However, the challenge is to get connected to the most relevant institute that has an integrated understanding of the mental condition. This will not only allow you to get the most effective outcome from the process of treatment but will also enable your child to get over the challenges seamlessly. So this was the history of autism and RBT. Consultants for Children Inc. is the best institute that has BCBA certified technicians who take proper care of your child while guiding to meet his true potential with ease. If you are a BCBA certified technician and looking forward to exploring the similar niche, CFC offers the most stable platform for you as well.