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How to Get a Certification with a Nominal Online RBT Training Cost

How to Get a Certification with a Nominal Online RBT Training Cost

An RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) certification helps many people by opening several career options. The BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) grants this certification. This certification needs a 40-hour training session to be completed. After acquiring the live assessment, candidates need to apply to the BACB and appear a 75-question exam as well. And if this application gets approval, the candidate can start a promising career.

Now, let us find out how you can receive a certification with a nominal online RBT training cost:

Make Yourself Eligible
  • You must be at least 18 or older to start this training.
  • You should be a graduate with a high school diploma or an equivalent degree to apply for this certification.
  • The BACB will perform a criminal background check on you within 180 days of your application and you must pass that to qualify the certification.


Undergo Online RBT Training

  • You need to register for this 40-hour online training course and it should be completed within 180 days of beginning it. You must take this course from a reputable agency like Consultants for Children.
  • This training will teach you the ways of studying the BACB task list which is a list of practices and steps that should be used while working with your clients.
  • You will require attending a 3-hour ethics course which is a part of this 40-hour training.
  • A BCBA will help you complete your assessment and often the instructors also act as an assessor or refer you to a BCBA.
  • After you complete the course, you need to complete the live assessment. In this matter, the assessor offers a series of tasks for doing with a live patient. It will measure your performance. At the completion of this assessment, you will get the copy of the assessment form which is required during your application submission.


Apply For Certification

  • Make an account with your essential details through the online portal of the BACB.
  • Upload the assessment results and your certificate with scanning.
  • Enter the name and information of your responsible cetificant on the application to confirm that you passed the training course and live assessment.
  • You need to pay a nominal online RBT training cost by debit or credit card through the online portal.
  • If your application doesn’t get approval, appeal within 30 days writing a brief summary of why you think that the application should be approved.


Appear the Exam

  • Register for the test if you get approval from the BACB.
  • Pay the exam appointment fee which will cover the exam’s cost.
  • You need to show two forms of ID with you to the test.
  • Appear the 75-question examination for 90 minutes on the PC.
  • If you fail the first time, you can reappear within a year.
  • You will get approval within one week of your examination results.
  • Renew the certification by undergoing a competency assessment once in every year.


Final Stage

So, these are the prime steps to acquire a certification of online RBT training in a very affordable way. Contact Consultants for Children if you seek a promising career.