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Can We Consider Marijuana the World’s Most Effective Treatment for Autism?

Can We Consider Marijuana the World’s Most Effective Treatment for Autism?

Nearly 1% of the entire world’s population is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some people have switched to marijuana to handle the impacts of autism on their loved ones and they experienced success.

Despite the large numbers of people with ASD and the rising number of people are looking for marijuana therapy, some researches on the capacity of marijuana conducted for treating autism. So, is marijuana the world’s most effective treatment for autism? Let’s check out.

Is marijuana considered the most effective treatment for autism in the world?

After studies by scientists, different autism treatment options have come into action. But we consider none for curing it precisely. The Cannabis plant has shown positive impacts on people with autism. Hence, different clinical trials are checking if elements in cannabis are usable for treating autism symptoms.

There are nearly 140 cannabinoids. And the most popular cannabinoid is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the main psychoactive element found in marijuana. The cannabis is not a magical plant which solves everything. However, on an average, it can decrease the bitterness of a kid with autism by some points. Often nothing happens at all but even whether it is not dramatic, you can see a notable difference.

Scientists have also performed a research also for checking if Cannabis compound can ease some severe symptoms of autism. Let’s have a discussion on some advantages of the cannabis.

How cannabis is beneficial in curing autism

  • The most popular properties of marijuana are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, and neuroprotective, besides owning.
  • Some other neurological disorders like epilepsy sometimes accompany Autism Spectrum Disorder and it could arise from the primary central nervous system condition. Usually, epilepsy occurs in nearly 1/3rd people with autism. The cannabis extracts were effective and safe for treating epilepsy that also annoys nearly 20% of children with autism.
  • Researchers researching the impacts of marijuana extracts on epilepsy understood that the elements helped many patients in handling symptoms of autism.
  • Treats conditions like dependence, anxiety, and depression.
  • In a small diagnosis, medical experts offered many patients the CBD-THC tincture regularly for 3 months enhanced at least one of the major symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, with including repetitive behaviors, language, or social communication.
  • Cannabinoids could decrease depressive and anxiety systems by impacting serotonin receptors in your brain.

Summing Up

Various clinical trials are searching if various cannabis compounds are effective enough that medical professionals use them for treating autism. It is vital to keep in mind that autism’s diagnosis occurs in early childhood; hence, you must be cautious in treating a kid with marijuana and you must not forget consulting a medical expert before doing it.

Maximum children with autism show the self-harming behavior. Marijuana will help to reduce and regulate its impacts. Depending on the level of autism of the kid on the autism spectrum, the medical expert will offer the precise amount of marijuana to your kid.

Discussing the Ways of How to Identify Talent in Your Child with Autism

Discussing the Ways of How to Identify Talent in Your Child with Autism

Being the parent to a kid is the most wonderful feeling in the world. You may have observed that your child, who is diagnosed with autism, has different capabilities than the other kids from his age. However, like the other kids in your vicinity, it is not possible to identify the knack and talent in your kid, who is already shy and tend to keep aloof. You must have thought of how to identify talent in your child with autism? Through this article, we will identify the ways to uncover the hidden talent in your kid that will help you motivate towards an inevitable success.

Ways to Unravel the Talent in your Kid with Autism

The first time you realized that your child is affected with autism; you must have been devastated to think about the impact of the syndrome on your baby. However, you will be delighted to learn that the child with autism has the capability to lead a normal life like any other child if you succeed in taking a proper care of him along with the strategic counseling sessions. Let’s check the ways to find the hidden passion in your kid:

  • Never forget to understand that every child is intelligent and is born with talent. A positive attitude and outlook are crucial in the path of identifying the talents in your kid, which will help him excel in life.
  • Listening with patience is the key to understanding the behavioral pattern and characteristics of your child. Therefore, never be restless in the endeavor to cultivate the talent in your child.
  • Any child with autism has a different way to communicate and your child is not an exception. Therefore, as the parent, it is important for you to understand the mode of communication your child is most comfortable with. Not only will this allow you to discover the talent in your kid but will also grow his confidence on you.
  • It is natural for you to overload your kid with the multiple interactive toys that promise to bring out the best in him. These can only prove to be highly beneficial if you understand which toy or game is he interested in. In fact, this can play a key role in discovering his talent or knack.
  • A child with autism understands the pictorial mode of communication that involves his vision and auditory senses. Hence, never fail to engage these senses while understanding his specific talent.

Understand your Child: The Most Crucial Step to Discover the Talent in Him

The aforementioned points are enough to make you understand that your child has a hidden talent and you must take a positive initiative to unravel the same. However, if you feel the need for assistance you may look for a behavior analyst from the Consultants for Children, which is the pioneer in offering an unmatched guidance to the children through the BCBA certified analysts. In fact, you may also excel in your career as a behavior analyst through CFC if you are BCBA certified.

Analyzing the Effects of Compression Clothing on Children with Autism

Analyzing the Effects of Compression Clothing on Children with Autism

The kids make the world a beautiful place to live in with their innocent gesture and selfless attitude. They are also gifted with talents which are not similar to the other children. Therefore, being the parent of your child, you must take care of the hidden talent of your kid so he can flourish against the oddities of the society. The course of these events takes a different turn when you discover that your child is affected with autism, which leaves a different impact on the various diagnosed children. However, the researchers have come up with diversified modes of treatments. Have you ever thought of the positive effects of compression clothing on children with autism? If not, we will understand the same through this article.

Importance of Compression Clothing on Children with Autism

You must have heard about compression clothing to offer relief to the athletes and occasional players. With time, the researchers have discovered the multiple benefits of this mode of treatment in the children diagnosed with autism. In fact, this has an immediate effect on these children as it targets the sense organs and nullifies the agitation by reducing the effects of anxiety and stress. This mode of treatment is primarily embraced by the occupational therapists that either take help from the physical touch or weighted clothes to soothe the senses.

Benefits of Weighted Vest on the Children with Autism

You must have taken your child to the Occupational Therapist apart from the counselors to accomplish the Sensory Integration Therapy to offer relaxation to him. You must have noticed that the therapist has used the weighted vest as a part of the compression clothing treatment to achieve various benefits, which are as follows:

  • Improves the power to focus on the activities taking place around him.
  • Enhances the concentration to ensure he could pay attention to the academic activities in the classroom.
  • Deep pressure stimulation ensures to induce a calming effect on him, reducing the frequency of emotional outbursts.
  • Decreases the stereotypical behavior, promoting developmental progress.

The deep pressure introduced by the compression clothing affects the limbic system, which decides the emotional aspect of a human being. Though the studies have not been able to prove the same, the successful therapies have revealed the magnificent effect on the children with autism.

Should You Take Your Child with Autism for the Compression Clothing Therapy?

Are confused whether to take the compression clothing therapy or not? You may approach the experts in the industry. The Consultants for Children have BCBA certified expert behavior analysts who never cease to help you with the most favorable solution. Also, they have an opening in the position of behavior analyst. Hence, if you are BCBA certified and looking for an opportunity to move your career in the direction of behavior analyst, you may approach CFC. Also, they will guide you through the ways to improve the developmental status of your child that will help him overcome the challenges and win in the race of life.