Tools Every Autism Mom Needs

Top 12 Tools Every Autism Mom Needs in Her Calm down Kit

Calm down kits are popularly known as sensory integration toolkits or boxes. This kit contains tools every autism mom needs to calm her autistic kid’s sensory system in a meltdown. A mother can utilize these tools if the sensory meltdown has started for either distracting your kid or reducing the meltdown’s magnitude after it begins.

What must be there in a calm down kit?

A mom determines what should be there in her kid’s calm down kit or to know tools every autism mom needs. There is no term or condition. Basically, she must focus on choosing the important item for her kid according to her needs. If her kid is sensitive to sound, noise-canceling earphones might be a better concept. Some kids with sensory processing disabilities require oral proprioceptive input for being relaxed. In terms of these cases, a chewable jewelry or a crunchy snack can appear as amazing options. So, it’s all depends on the autistic kid’s mother when it comes to choosing items for a child’s calm down kit.

Tools all autism mothers require in their calm down kits

Here is a rundown of top tools every autism mom needs for every autistic child in her calm down kit.

Noise canceling headphones

A mom can utilize these if her kid is affected by the noises of any sound or a large crowd which she has recognized as a cause to happen for him/her. She can get two for keeping a pair in case she travels somewhere.

Chew necklaces and tube

Chewing can offer proprioceptive input and oral sensory. The oral sensory system of a child is another course to explore for self-regulation and calming. A mother can also try crunchy snacks or chewing gum.

Pressure vests and weighted blankets

Weighted vests and blankets imitate intense pressure touch stimulation. Studies have showcased that intense pressure touch discharges serotonin, a chemical in the brain which functions as a neurotransmitter which regulates sensory perception, sleep, and mood.

Stress balls

It’s a small self-regulation tool which keeps fingers busy by promoting tactile input and movement. So, a mom can do it herself using sensory balls and balloon.

Calming music

Soothing music is considered to help people on the extent relax. So, a mom can have this on her smartphone.

Bottle of bubbles

Bubbles can help a kid relax by taking deep breaths for blowing the bubbles. A mother can do many types of good things with the bottle of bubbles.

Light up rail twirler

This visual sensory toy is one of the recommended tools every autism mom needs in her calm down kit. This is portable and durable and generally, these toys have a calming impact on children with autism disorder. Every autism mom should remember this when it comes to picking up right items for her calm down kit.

Fidgets and color spinners

Fidget toys can help distract from the meltdown, helping with concentration and self-regulation. On the other hand, color spinners or pinwheels help with distracting and breathing.

Stay-n-play balance ball

This ball is perfect for extreme energy overloaded children. It stays in proper place so a mom can use it as a seat in the house.


Each and every autism mother must have this in a calm down kit. Alongside flutes, whistles and maybe, in fact, a saxophone on down the line. The concept here is to regulate a kid’s breathing to get him/her to take an intense calming breath in and out. Blowing a whistle or playing the harmonica can make some fun.

Tunnel and tent

Often times a calm and quiet area for settling down is everything a mother requires for calming her kid’s autism meltdown. A tent tunnel or a popup tent is a logical and affordable option. A camping aisle can also be an out-of-the-box solution.


Certainly, nobody will carry it around in the trunk of his/her car in terms of an emergency meltdown. However, a trampoline in a house is an amazing concept. For a sensory overloaded kid, jumping on a mini-trampoline may bring some comforts and may be sufficient for deescalating the meltdown. Trampolines are a brilliant choice for heavy tasks or other functionalities. So, it is highly suggested investing in one. If a mom needs to have a large-sized trampoline for outdoors, she can check online.

Is it possible to purchase a calm down kit?

In case you are confused about what to do or you haven’t any idea about the tools every autism mom needs, no worry! There are ample options out there to look for the best solution. Any mother can purchase sensory or calm down kits from online shops but generally, she doesn’t get the choice of customizing them. On top of that, these products are expensive enough without any customization choice.

Now here is the prime thing. A mom knows her child’s requirements better than anybody. No shop understands a child better than her. It’s a procedure of reduction – some things work fantastically whereas others fail miserably. It all relies on the kid. We will not say that each and every item will work for your child but yes, they are definitely worth trying!

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If you have enjoyed this list of items of a calm down kit, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. And for more resources for helping you in parenting the particular requirements of a child, contact us right away.