The team at Consultants for Children, Inc. and its sister company, Solutions for Success Counseling Group, is made up of a diverse group of professionals. Our different backgrounds and specialties help us create a well-rounded team to meet the varying needs of our clients. Please see our Contact Us page for contact information.

Meet Consultants for Children, Inc’s onsite therapy dog, Sprout. Sprout is a highly trained, lovable Blue Heeler. Her specialty is licking ears and turning frowns into smiles. You will find Sprout at many of Club Spark’s programs and is available for 1:1 sessions.

Therapy Dog, Sprout

Want to Learn More About the CFCI Community?

radio show more than special

Lend an ear to our previously recorded, online radio show titled “More Than Special” where we took a look at topics that were less addressed, yet widely concerned our clients, their families, and our communities. Find our podcasts at the link above or at as well as iTunes. We hope you enjoy!