The team at Consultants for Children, Inc. and its sister company, Solutions for Success Counseling Group, is made up of a diverse group of professionals. Our different backgrounds and specialties help us create a well-rounded team to meet the varying needs of our clients. Please see our Contact Us page for contact information.

Our Mission

It is Consultants for Children, Inc’s mission to provide the best possible treatment plan for children diagnosed with Autism and/or other developmental disabilities by providing comprehensive direct service to the children in the home, in the community, during social skills clubs and by collaborating with schools.

Our Philosophy

Consultants for Children, Inc.’s philosophy is based on the belief that children have the capability to function independently within their home and school environments. In order to ensure each child’s independence, an effective treatment plan must be established. Consultants for Children, Inc. consults with parents and schools to develop treatment plans that target the needs of each child. We are dedicated to creating effective plans that promote independence and academic success for each child. We believe that with effective help, each child can have a happy and fulfilling life.

Guiding Core Principles

We are Client Centered – This means we have Empathy for the client and make decisions in the clients’ best interest and look at things from their perspective and experience. 

We exhibit Integrity This means we are Responsible; we show up on time; we are thoughtful before committing to cases; we treat others respectfully; our clients and team members can trust us.

We are Data Driven – Using the well-established principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we help people to achieve their full potential. We believe that through training, collaboration, and guided, person centered instruction, all people can achieve their goals and lead enriching lives. Our mission is to empower people; our clients, families, and employees alike. We provide high-quality therapeutic services based on decades of behavior analytic research.

We Communicate effectively – This means we provide and receive feedback in a positive manner; we provide quality critique when we can and offer encouragement and kudos when noticed; we listen to our clients and we provide the correct avenues for communication. 

We are Flexible – We exhibit Ingenuity and creativity with resources, respecting personal, client and company budgets while still meeting client needs and we can move with change.

We are Disciplined – This means we provide Consistent quality services even when dealing personal matters; we are self-driven to stay on task and provide quality services when supervised and when alone and we are organized.

We engage in Teamwork – This means we provide Consistent communication in a multi-disciplinary team atmosphere 


Want to Learn More About the CFCI Community?

radio show more than special

Lend an ear to our previously recorded, online radio show titled “More Than Special” where we took a look at topics that were less addressed, yet widely concerned our clients, their families, and our communities. Find our podcasts at the link above or at as well as iTunes. We hope you enjoy!