Discussing When and Why World Autism Day Is Celebrated

Discussing When and Why World Autism Day Is Celebrated

Autism is a behavioral and developmental disorder, which restricts the normal growth of the diagnosed children. However, the effect can be depleted with the specific theories and counseling sessions. Have you ever heard of World Autism Day? What is its importance? When is it celebrated? Through this article, we will understand, when and why World autism day is celebrated. It will help you understand the importance while giving you the zeal to celebrate it on a different note.

Why is World Autism Day Celebrated?

With the passing time, the presence of autism spectrum is taking a prominent shape, which is demanding a widespread knowledge of the same. Not only will it help the affected children reside in a coordinating ambiance but will also aid in taking a firm control over the disease. The World Autism Day is dedicated to spreading awareness of the symptoms along with the measures that will help curb the intensity of the syndrome.

The Advent of the World Autism Day

In November 2007, the United Nations or the UN decided to dedicate a day of the year to the autistic children. On 18th December 2007, the association declared to celebrate the World Autism Day on 2nd April, every year, 2008 onwards.

Why is it Necessary to be Aware of Autism?

The syndrome that severely affects the rate of development in a child is termed as autism. Also, the functionality of the brain is affected that has the capability to sabotage the general pattern of development of the children. Though they are born with it, it is not possible to diagnose the syndrome before the age of 3 years. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the general symptoms to offer a helping hand to the children.

Special Activities Followed on 2nd April

World Autism Day is celebrated with a lot of hard work and planning from the various people across the world. Not only different camps are designed that aim to offer proper assistance to the autistic children but also numerous discussions are held that enhance the knowledge on the syndrome. Let us have a look at the events organized during that day:

  • Informational activities to make the parents and others aware of the intensity and symptoms of autism.
  • Illustrative workshop sessions for the children and adults with autism.
  • Exhibition of the artistic works accomplished by the autistic individuals.
  • Radio and TV shows display the history of autism and the success stories of the individuals.
  • Special counseling sessions to understand the concerns of the parents and offer an appropriate solution.

Wrapping Up

The World Autism Day is not an occasion to be celebrated but a purpose with a deep cause. If you are a BCBA staff and looking forward to joining an organization that takes proactive measures to curb the symptoms of the autism spectrum, you may stop by Consultants for Children Inc. They are the pioneer in the industry that offers the finest ambiance to the children to get over the struggles of the syndrome.